25 Best Braids Hairstyles For Men 2021

Braids for men combine style, protection and functionality to achieve a cool hairstyle. Braided hair comes in many different unique styles and designs. From two, three and four braids in rows that flow straight back to creative twist braids on top, guys have a variety of braid hairstyles to choose from. Below, we’ll cover the latest trends in men’s braid styles to try right now!

Braid Styles


Cornrows are among the best and most popular braid hairstyles for men. Tight and clean, cornrows are compact and easy to maintain, but they retain a fashionable edge that makes them iconic. It’s one of the reasons cornrows have been around for years, and they’ll be around for many more as this traditional form of braiding is flexible. Because cornrows are so versatile and low-maintenance, these types of braids have become common with athletes like Russell Westbrook, Allen Iverson, and Kawhi Leonard.

Cornrow Braids Hairstyles Men
Black Man Braids
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Box Braids

Box braids are synonymous with the likes of ASAP Rocky, an artist famous for his fashion sense as much as his lyrics. What sets box braids apart for most men is that they aren’t attached to the scalp – they’re sectioned off in squares along the scalp instead. This means they are easy to position in a variety of angles and forms, from traditional box braids for men where the plaits dangle from the back and sides of the head to a ponytail or man bun.

Box Braids Men
Box Braids Styles
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Man Bun Braids

Man bun braids are for the guys who don’t want their plaits to hang loose all of the time. If you’d rather your hair didn’t cover your face or come back to your shoulders and back, you can tie them into a man bun. Like a typical bun, the style is ideal for when you need to be on-trend but don’t have the time. Some men turn it into a practical and stylish cut by plaiting a thicker braid around the edges of the head, leaving the center to be styled with more intricate designs.

Man Bun Braids
Man Bun Braids

Braids For Boys

Braids for boys are less manly and masculine, suiting their soft features. Usually, boys’ braided hairstyles result in complex patterns that show off children’s desire to always be on top of the latest trend. The fishbone design is an iconic cut for boys.

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Boys Braids
Boys Braided Hairstyles

Dread Braids

Dread braids combine two hairstyles into one by taking classics and mixing them together for the ultimate style. What’s instantly obvious is how much texture you get when you decide to braid dreadlocks, as well as the extra volume. The thickness of your hair means you’ll be able to hold styles with less effort, so you can switch up the braiding technique without too many worries or hours of tying! Dread braids are brilliant for men with short hair as shorter cuts prevent them from appearing feminine.

Dread Braids
Dreadlock Braids

Braids with Undercut

Braids with an undercut ensure that the main feature of your style – the plaits – stands out and doesn’t fade into the background. Braids are box office, yet pairing them with an undercut takes it to another level as the sleek nature of your back and sides contrast the longer style on top. Also, there are different versions of undercuts, from faded to disconnected, so your braids will never feel old or tired.

Braids with Undercut
Undercut Braids Men
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Braids with Fade

If you want a cool haircut that’s sharp and versatile, braids with a fade are for guys who don’t want to go over the top with their plaits. Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in making your braids as big and full of volume as possible, but it can lead them to appear wild and untamed. Implementing a fade allows you to maintain a level of control without losing any of the style as you can simply add plaits to the top hair. The different textures, along with the subtle-yet-powerful contouring from your fade, will leave you looking fresh.

Box Braids
Cornrows with Fade
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Braids For Short Hair

You don’t have to wait a year to grow out your hair since guys can get braids for short hair. The key is to keep the back and sides compact like you would with a regular short style. For example, you can opt for an undercut or a taper fade and leave the top hair longer. With the extra length on top, it’s easy to push the strands upward and tie them into place. As well as the bold contrast, braids for short hair offer lots of creative takes on a classic trend.

Braids For Short Hair
Braids with Fade

Braids For Long Hair

Braids for long hair are ideal if your hair grows out rather than down. While it has volume, it lacks the length that you want, which is where plaits come into play. By pulling your hair tight and braiding it down towards your shoulders, you’ll finally get the fully-long trend that you’ve been growing for months. You will need to tie your hair into at least three to four plaits on each side of your head to pull off the effect.

Braids For Long Hair
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Braids For Men with Long Hair

Single Braids

You can wear single braids in a variety of ways. Like box braids, you can position them individually so that you utilize the clean-cut fashion that is synonymous with individual plaits. For those who want something less classically stylish, you can place a single braid around the edge of your head and add cornrows to the space in the center.

Single Braids
Single Short Hair Braids Men

Two Braids

Two braids are perfect for men with thick hair. The style isn’t as subtle or sophisticated as single braids, yet the easy design is very eye-catching. The regular way to wear double braids is to run two separate plaits from the front of the head to the back; however, you implement extra coolness by forming them into double man buns. As far as fashionable and original braids go, you don’t get more unique multiple buns!

Two Braids Men
Two Braids with Fade

Three Braids

Three braids are great for creating a look that’s full of impact, but that’s also easy to tame. Depending on the style, you can have long or short hair, so it’s a very versatile design that’s helpful for guys who want to add another dimension. Typically, one braid goes down the center of the head while the other two are towards the sides to create extra coverage.

Three Braids
3 Braids Men

Four Braids

Four braids are harder to maintain because there are more plaits to fix into position, but men love the volume that they provide as they make the style appear thicker. Plus, the additional braids are ideal for trying different trends as you can mix and match them with everything from faded sides to wavy lines in-between the individual plaits.

Four Braids Men
4 Braids Men

Side Braids

Rather than going from the front to the back, side braids swerve towards the direction of your ears, introducing a twist on a classic that’s simple to pull off. It’s generally better for guys who want short braids that are thin because long and thick plaits can appear too bulky. Of course, if you prefer to keep more hair on top as it’s thinner, you can incorporate a side braid to ensure you don’t miss out on a cool trend.

Side Braided Hairstyle Men
Side Braids Men

Top Braids

Top braids are confined to the top of the head, so you don’t get much coverage on the back and sides. This braid style is often paired with a fade or shaved sides to highlight the design on top. This way, the contrast of the braids on the top will work perfectly with the shorter length, not to mention the fact that there are tons of different options, from single and double plaits to dreads and locs that flow into a man bun.

Top Braids Men
Braided Hairstyle on Top

Small Braids

Long hair is usually the most suitable kind for braids because it provides styling options, but that doesn’t mean small and short designs aren’t accessible. The key is to make sure that you have enough length to manufacture your plaits into place with around three to four inches being a good length. Then, it’s all about making your aesthetic as small as possible with the help of microblading techniques that allow for tight and intricate looks. An undercut is ideal for small braids as it emphasizes them.

Small Braids Men
Small Braid Styles Men

Large Braids

Large braids require anywhere between five and ten inches of hair. The longer your hair, the larger your twists will be and the more eye-catching your braided hairstyle will look. A prime example is a Viking-inspired braid that runs from the back of the head down to the shoulders and back area. Twinned with a beard and a bold undercut on the sides, you’re guaranteed a masculine vibe that’s straight-up Nordic warrior.

Large Braids Men
Large Braid Style Men

Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids start thin at the front and get thicker and longer as they work their way backwards. The varying width is a fantastic way to add shape and texture to your hair without losing any sophistication since the thin braids at the front aren’t overly in your face. Feed-ins are also flexible, so you can increase or decrease the number of plaits depending on your mood.

Feed In Braids Men
Feed In Braids For Long Hair Men

Braided Mohawk

Braids don’t have to flow in one direction or be styled into a single design, like the braided mohawk shows! By taking your twists and pulling them into a mohawk shape in the center of your scalp, you’ll create a version of a bold cut that is even more daring, especially if the sides are shaved and clean.

Braided Mohawk Men
Braided Mohawk Hairstyle Men

Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail is a manly, eye-catching design that’s right up your street if you’re tired of straight back hair or a man bun. Like a Viking-inspired braid, it culminates with a single ponytail at the back. If you feed three twists along the center and sides of the head into a lengthy ponytail, you’ll style some badass braids.

Braids In A Bun
Braided Ponytail

Crown Braid

A crown braid is a cut that’s fit for a king. With one long, thick plait that circles the length of your head, or two on either side, if you prefer, you create a crown effect that’s regal as it leaves plenty of room for intricate designs in the space that’s left. Opt for a symmetrical pattern for an ultimate royal look.

Crown Braids Men
Cool Crown Braid Styles Men

Spider Braids

Spider braids are a style that’s a variation on box braids; however, the difference is the pattern that’s shaved into the crown. Spider braid styles have a straight line and diagonal lines that intersect it. The result is a spider-like body, with the box braids acting as the legs.

Spider Braids Men
Cool Spider Braids Styles Men

Easy Braids

Easy braids tend to be simple and very low-maintenance, yet it’s their clean-cut aesthetic that makes them appealing. The best examples are single plaits as they’re minimal, but you can add another dimension by pulling it into a top knot or man bun that is as equally casual and smart.

Easy Braids Men
Male Braids
White Men With Braids

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