This Is How Men Style Rockabilly Hairstyles

The 50s not only produced young rebels like James Dean or Marlon Brando but also really cool men’s hairstyles. To whom the Rockabilly hairstyles suit and how you can style them yourself now, we reveal here

Men, it’s time to rock. And not just life, but hairstyle. How do you do that? With the cool rockabilly look. That’s what we’re talking about right now. No matter whether it’s plain or super extravagant: the style always looks exciting and casual at the same time. So that you can also achieve the look at home, we explain step by step how easy it is to achieve the look.

What are the requirements for the Rockabilly Look?

The good news first: This special short haircut really suits everyone and turns a man into a real rocker. The only requirement for the style is that the top hair is long enough. That’s what makes the Rockabilly hairstyle. The topcoat is longer than the sides and should be about 8-10 cm long. The sides are cut short and are in contrast to the upper part of the hair.

Depending on the shape of your face, style the hairstyle up or down. We will tell you which look for suits which type and explain how the styling works.

The Rockabilly Look suits these men

The Rockabilly Hairstyle suits men with round, as well as with elongated or very distinctive facial shapes. That makes the decision for this haircut super easy: Because it suits – as already mentioned – almost everyone. So it’s high time to try out the rebellious and modern look.

Rockabilly hairstyle: This is how it works!

The first step for the perfect hairstyle is of course a visit to the hairdresser: He must bring the perfect cut into your hair, so that you can style it at home in no time. When it comes to styling your hair, lay the first foundation stone while washing it: ideally use a volume shampoo. This brings volume to the hair, and the latter automatically has more hold. The hair also feels more manageable and is much easier to style.

Before blow-drying your hair (preferably upside down, by the way), you should apply a mousse throughout your hair. This will help with styling later.

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